Eastman Business College-Very Rare Diploma from the 19th Century
Eastman Business Colege-Rare Civil War Token Storecard Issued by the School
WCE 1893-Large Catalog/Book from the Entomology Department at the WCE
WCE 1893-One of the Most Beautiful Souvenirs from the Columbian Exposition
Sold out
CRYSTAL PALACE-1851 Photograph of the Original Crystal Palace/Period Frame #1203
Civil War Printed Union Political Ticket & Actual Hand-Written Ballot-Ohio Election
Sold out
Medal, King George’s 25th Anniversary of Ascending the Throne #914
UK Royalty, Another Medal, More Pewter-Like, of King George & Queen Mary #915
1870 CRYSTAL PALACE- A very Rare Broadside Advertising Rail Trip to London & Crystal Palace #1010
NY CRYSTAL PALACE-Perhaps the Only Book-Length Catalog to the 1853 Expo in Private Hands #1037
Carving-Very Deep, Rich Green Jade Carved Fish, 20th Century Chinese
Carving-Almost Black Jade Bird, 20th Century Asian(?) Art
Eastman College-Signature of George Eastman #016
Sold out
Eastman College-Engraved Invitation to 50th Anniversary of School, 1859-1901 #007
Eastman College-Rare College Bank Note, $10 Denomination #1029
Pan-Cal 1915-Rare ticket from the Midway—the Isthmus—at the Pan-Cal Expo
Sold out
AYP (Post-Fair)-Dedication Medal for Seattle’s Alaska Way Viaduct #983
Sold out
Civil War-Very Choice Brass Map Glass-Magnifier Used for Map Reading in the Field
Carving-Antiquarian (19th Century or Earlier) Jade Netsuke of a Sea Bird
Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-5 Cents #1034
Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-50 Cents #1033
1035 Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-1 Cent
Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note for 3 Cents (One Note Only)
UNIQUE Rare Complete Set 6 Eastman Fractional Notes 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, 25-, 50-Cent
Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-10 Cents (This lot is 1 Note) #1036
Eastman College-2 Items Stereo Card/Postcard of Eastman Lecture Hall/Building #011/01
Eastman College-Magazine Ad Circa 1880-1900 for Variety of Recent Graduates #015
Sold out
Eastman College-Rare Hardcover Student Handbook Circa 1880s #013
Sold out
Eastman College-Rare Hardcover Book-Keeping Text Book Circa 1880s #014
Eastman College-Lot of 4 Very Rare Fractional Currency Issues for One Price
US Coins-1974 Full Ounce Cameo Proof Continental Congress Medal
Eastman College-School Envelope & Note Sheet Mid- to-Late 19th Century #1023/26
Antiquarian Map of Scotland Drawn & Printed in 1839
Silver 10 Centavos Coin from Philippines as a US Territory in WW II
1933 (Chicago's Century of Progress Specifically?) Rare Chauffeur's License/Badge
4 Copies of 19th Century Harper's Weekly, Including Sinking of the Gold Ship SS Central America #89
Beautiful Hand-Painted Victorian Bar Pin, Lot #113
Victorian Estate Jewelry Bar Pin with Large Center Pearl and 10 Side Pearls, Lot #114
Amazing Victorian Brooch with a Large Natural Stone (Not a Precious Stne I Assume!), Lot #115
Sold out
Pre-Columbian Terra Cotta Artifact, Small Human Effigy, Head of Statue or Fetish, Lot #116
African Large Natural Stone/Clay 20-Inch Strand of Beads Late 19th Century, Lot #123
On sale
Hand-Painted Pair of 19th Century Asian Vases on stands Made for Export in the Early 1900s
Price Reduced: Very Rare 7-Inch Chinese Hand-Carved Lidded Jade Vase
Sold out
Space/Aviation Rare Press Badges for USA-USSR Announcements of Apollo-Soyuz Mission, Lot #130
On sale
3 Vintage Coin Books: 2 Century Old Catalogs with Great Prices! + 1961 Numismatist Lot #101
"Man Without a Country" Author Edward Everett Hale Autograph & 1888 Copy of the Book, Lot 109