About This Sale

This is our largest sale to date and we’ve assembled a terrific group of high quality and diverse items. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the items. Remember too that we posted more than 20 items on Ebay to auction as part of this sale.

Each purchase is securely processed by PayPal, but if you'd like to pay via check please get in touch. 

We will remove all sale items (they will be automatically noted as “sold out” by the App) and begin sorting them by customer. We are aiming to ship by about September 8-9. The bulk of the items sold usually come within a few days of their being posted, so that first shipment will be large and time-consuming so I’m hesitant to commit to an exact date. But again, just ask if you have any questions or concerns.

We will then continue to ship on a weekly basis. I can combine shipping in our store (automatically) and if you contact The History Bank and ask for an invoice to combine shipping on multiple lots we’ll be happy to do so. But if you pay immediately via the prompt from Ebay we cannot go back and combine the shipping and we have no way to automatically combine shipping between Ebay and our store.

Thanks so much for participating in this sale!


Norm Bolotin