1939 New York World's Fair-Very Pretty Murano Micro Mosaic Pin from Italy Building
Sold out
PPIE-Absolutely Perfect Participant's Badge and Admission to Opening Day
1937 Great Lakes Expo-What is it MOST Famous for? 2 Items Here
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AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #1 of 3
Sold out
AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #2 of 3
AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #3 of 3
1894 Midwinter Expo-One-of-a-Kind Interesting Letter Rare on Official Letterhead
Sold out
L&C 1905-Rare Sample Ticket from the Lewis & Clark Exposition in Portland OR #1044
WCE-Very Rare Sea Shell Boats from the World's Columbian Expo
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Civil War-Ultra Rare Civil War Token from the Nantucket Sanitary Fair
Sports-1984 Los Angeles Olympic Soccer, Unused 3 Consecutively Numbered Tickets
WCE-Beautiful Large (44mm) Bronze Medal from Buenos Argentina, Santa Maria #1191
Sold out
WCE-Seldom Seen Hanging Badge, Souvenir for New Yorkers, Landing Scene #1171
WCE-Mint Ticket for the Electric Launch & Navigations Company #1273/1328
WCE-One of Two Different State Badges from New York-#1362B
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WCE-One of Two Different State Badges from New York-#1362A
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WCE Another Columbian Hanging Souvenir Badge--State of Ohio
WCE 1893-Large Figural Columbian Clock (Hand Winds & Works)
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Eastman Business College-Very Rare Diploma from the 19th Century
Eastman Business Colege-Rare Civil War Token Storecard Issued by the School
C21-Original AMT Insert To Model Kits Announcing Their Booth at the World's Fair
US Coins-Spectacular 1899 Gem BU Indian Cent, 100% Full Red (Orange) Color
Sold out
WCE 1893-Very Rare Board of Lady Managers Diploma for Award-Winning Artisan #1215
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WCE-Two Very Scarce Medals for the Fan of Alcohol...Storecards!
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WCE 1893-Rare Massive Columbian Figural Bank, Administration Building
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Pair from 1974 Spokane World's Fair: Trade Dollar & Abstract Medal
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GGIE 1939 San Francisco-Extremely Rare Award Medal & Ribbon
Sold out
GGIE-Exceptionally Rare Gem BU GGIE Award/Commemorative Medal for Participants #1314
COP 1933-The Battle of Gettysburg Came Alive in Cyclorama Presentation
Cal Pac -Lovely Medal from 1935 San Diego’s California Pacific Exposition #1282
WCE-Outstanding Small Prooflike Landing Scene Medal & Ribbon
WCE-Unusual Buckle-Like Medal Celebrating Columbus & New Jersey!
WCE-Outstanding Souvenir Hanging Medal of Grover Cleveland
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WCE-1892 Chicago Rail Pass for Michigan Central Railroad
WCE-Unlisted Prooflike Coin Campaigning for Industry & the Presidency?
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WCE-65mm Very Heavy Danish Medal, Columbus at the Tiller
WCE 1893-Small Uniface Columbus Landing Scene Medal+WCE Locket #1195C
Lot of 5 Scarce/Rare Columbian Expo Medals with High-Relief Pagliaghi #1195A
US Coins-Nice Uncirculated 1919 Lincoln, Quite Dark but a Rich Redbrown Color
US Coins-1902 Gem BU Prooflike Indian Cent; Dramatic Blue Tones
XCanada Coins-3 Gem Prooflike Canada Silver 1966 Coins—Quarter, Half & Dollar
US Coins-1891 BU Indian Cent with Lots of Red & Even More Bluish Tone
US Coins-1954 Gem Proof Washington Quarter, Much Brighter Than Photos
US Coins-Rich Toned Red 1909 VDB Gem BU
US Coins-Gem Mint Nearly Full Red Lustrous 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent
US Coins-1984 Los Angeles Olympics Commemorative Silver Dollar
WCE Very Rare, Unusual 90mm & 5+ Ounce Medal Like 1893 Rare Presentation Medal #1186
Sold out
WCE 1893-Large Iron(?) Hanging Wall Plaque of Christopher Columbus #1343
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