AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #1 of 3
Sold out
L&C 1905-Rare Sample Ticket from the Lewis & Clark Exposition in Portland OR #1044
Sold out
WCE-Last 1 of 5 in Kennel Collection, Sea Shell Boats from the World's Columbian Expo
Civil War-Ultra Rare Civil War Token from the Nantucket Sanitary Fair
Sold out
Sports-1984 Los Angeles Olympic Soccer, Unused 3 Consecutively Numbered Tickets
WCE 1893-Large Figural Columbian Clock (Hand Winds & Works)
Sold out
Eastman Business College-Very Rare Diploma from the 19th Century
Eastman Business Colege-Rare Civil War Token Storecard Issued by the School
C21-Original AMT Insert To Model Kits Announcing Their Booth at the World's Fair
US Coins-Spectacular 1899 Gem BU Indian Cent, 100% Full Red (Orange) Color
Sold out
WCE 1893-Very Rare Board of Lady Managers Diploma for Award-Winning Artisan #1215
Sold out
WCE 1893-Rare Massive Columbian Figural Bank, Administration Building
Sold out
1974 Spokane World's Fair Abstract Medal--New Acquisition Post-Sale
GGIE 1939 San Francisco-Extremely Rare Award Medal & Ribbon
Sold out
GGIE-Exceptionally Rare Gem BU GGIE Award/Commemorative Medal for Participants #1314
COP 1933-The Battle of Gettysburg Came Alive in Cyclorama Presentation
WCE-Outstanding Small Prooflike Landing Scene Medal & Ribbon
US Coins-Rich Toned Red 1909 VDB Gem BU
US Coins-Gem Mint Nearly Full Red Lustrous 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent
WCE Very Rare, Unusual 90mm & 5+ Ounce Medal Like 1893 Rare Presentation Medal #1186
Sold out
PPIE 1915-Official PPIE Brochure Including Elaborate Color Art & maps
PPIE 1915-Uncirculated Oregon Building Medal from the San Francisco Exposition
CRYSTAL PALACE 1862- Large White Medal Featuring a Young Queen Victoria, Crystal Palace #132
CRYSTAL PALACE 1862-A Small Medal from the 1862 London World’s Fair #920
AYP 1909-Bright, Scarce Spokane Day Medal #004
L&C 1905- Lewis & Clark Expo, 1905, Fabulous Lustrous Hanger & Medal #003
Sold out
1893 WCE-Information for Latin Countries’ Participation in WCE-2 Documents
Paris-Very Unusual Medal from the 1867 Paris World’s Fair #010
Paris-1855 Paris Universelle Exposition, Large Medal Featuring Napoleon#007
WCE-Beautiful Color Brochure from Cairo Street on the Midway Plaisance #1322
Sold out
WCE 1893-Large Catalog/Book from the Entomology Department at the WCE
WCE 1893-One of the Most Beautiful Souvenirs from the Columbian Exposition
Sold out
CRYSTAL PALACE-1851 Photograph of the Original Crystal Palace/Period Frame #1203
Sold out
Perhaps the Finest Known of any 1851 Crystal Palace Medal GEM MS64 #925
US Coins-Well Struck, Full Red BU 1921 Lincoln Cent
US Coins-Sharp Full Red Lovely Gem 1917 Lincoln Cent
US Coins-Choice to Gem BU 1912 Brown (But Very Pretty!) Lincoln Cent
US Coins-Gem BU 1909 Lincoln Cent (Without VDB) Unbelievable Blue/Red Color
US Coins-Full Red Very Choice 1907 Indian Cent
C21-Very Scarce Full Century 21 Club Charter Member Unused Ticket/Membership Card #1304
Civil War Printed Union Political Ticket Ballot for Ohio Election--Guessing 1862 (Another!)
Paris-Very Rare, Perhaps Unique, Test Strike, Medal from Paris 1878 #922
Medal, King George’s 25th Anniversary of Ascending the Throne #914
UK Royalty, Another Medal, More Pewter-Like, of King George & Queen Mary #915
NY CRYSTAL PALACE-Perhaps the Only Book-Length Catalog to the 1853 Expo in Private Hands #1037
NY CRYSTAL PALACE- Original 1853 Engraving of the First World’s Fair in the US #1364
Sold out
Civil War-Very Rare Block of 9 Unused Confederate Postage Stamps #1290
Eastman College-Another Rare Bank Note, $1 Denomination #1030
Eastman College-Very Rare School Bank Check with Revenue Stamp 1883 #1024
Eastman College-Rare College Bank Note, $10 Denomination #1029