I'm beginning the listings of World's Columbian expo medals; I should be listing dozens throughout August. This 59mm white metal is, I'd say, is pretty spectacular and I'll have to quit using such descriptions as I'll be listing a whole bunch of WCE medals that fit the bill.

You can see the label from NGC on the oversized slab and that NGC by its stated policies, doesn't grade medals if they "have been altered" or fall under that description as they use it. The label notes that there was a mount removed. Normally that is a loop for wearing which I can't imagine was the case for a medal this large. Regardless, nothing is visible in the slab so I guess we have to take NGC's word for it. I'd simply ask you to refer to the photos.

If it were graded I should think it would be quite likely a prooflike MS66 based on my years of experience with NGC and other graders/authenticators. Again, just look at the photo and if you disagree in any way I would suggest not buying it. I want everything to be pleased to the extreme. As I view it and you must as well, this is really a terrific piece.

I have several Pagliaghi medals that will be in this sale and this may be the finest of the group in eye appeal. Again, you be the judge. If it were graded a 65 or 66 I would probably increase the price by at least $100-$150 based on the view being just the same.

I will always combine shipping should you purchase multiple items. The site software will automatically compute postage and assuming by weight I could save you money on combined shipping, I'll promptly issue a refund after I ship.