• Image of Swedish Medal (By Scott Stamp) in Bronze

Swedish Medal (By Scott Stamp) in Bronze


This is identical to the following aluminum lot. While that medal had minor obverse marks, this bronze is simply pristine. This is Eglit 112 and as is typical, one could wander through the Eglit book for seemingly days before stumbling on the medal one seeks. The medal is 51mm in diameter and on a thick planchet. The portrait of Columbus is unique and quite striking. The reverse is likewise outstanding. Columbus is standing in armor facing Natives as he claims the island he names San Salvador. His ships are in the background. The scene, unlike the myriad landing scenes, is quite powerful and different than most. The following lot is the Scott Stamp flyer as exclusive distributor of the medals. The postage includes postal insurance for the full purchase amount. Because of the slight imperfection in the aluminum medal we have priced it slightly less than the bronze medal. The postage charge includes postal insurance. If you purchase both medals there would be no additional charge for shipping and we would pay the additional insurance costs.