Norman Bolotin and Christine Laing formed The History Bank in 1979, having worked together in publishing beginning in 1973. Husband and wife nearly as long, they developed and produced more than 200 books. In 1993 the National Trust for Historic Preservation contracted with them to write an exhaustive history of the World’s Columbian Exposition, which was issued in hardcover and in $150 limited edition. In 2017 they wrote the definitive history of the Midway Plaisance for the University of Illinois Press. In the intervening years Bolotin consulted to several museums in Chicago and also taught for five summers at the University of Chicago. With forty years of research and study of the Exposition, Bolotin and Laing have been acknowledged as the foremost authorities on the fair. Their blog, provides all aspects of information on the Exposition. In 2018 they were retained by the family of the late John Kennel to inventory, catalog and sell his exceptional Exposition collection. This online sale represents just the smallest portion of the 4,000-piece collection.