John Kennel collected Columbiana for nearly a half century. Bolotin worked with Kennel as both a buyer and seller during their roughly twenty-year relationship. John was fastidious in all aspects of his collecting. He was as much a historian as he was a collector. He studied the history of all aspects of the Columbian items he collected and the results are definitive notes on the items he left behind. He was never happy with mediocrity and the result was a collection unparalleled in quality. He left behind dozens of test pieces, proofs and unique examples other collectors had never seen, let alone owned. Besides these rarities, the vast percentage of John’s medals were the highest grades known. John’s specialty was the fair, not just an aspect of it. His collection includes tickets and passes, medals, spoons, all aspects of paper, glassware and hundreds of 3D pieces ranging from a Columbian Guard uniform to women’s auxiliary and Congress membership pins. Simply, he was the consummate collector of Columbiana.