Rare, Gorgeous World's Columbian Celluloid-Cover Booklet Lot # 247

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Rare, Gorgeous World's Columbian Celluloid-Cover Booklet Lot # 247

This booklet is definitely outstanding for its overall appearance and rare cover. The prnting quality and overall content is outstanding and the material includes text and nicely reproduced artwork. By far the most outstanding feature of this roughly 10x8 horizontal format publication is its production and presentation. The original red, white and blue binding is unusual and surprisingly in near perfect condition.

The vast majority of period books about the World's Columbian Exposition share a substantial amount of content. There were only so many sources of photos and texts and many "rented" the most readily available. The packaging was their trademarked look that meant success in selling. What made for rarity? When they simply didn't sell enough--because of short printings, overpricing their product, unattractive appearance or perhaps just being late to the game--resulted in a small number of copies. There's never been a good test of circumstances for judging rarity as often the best ones are rare, such as the many Midway brochures by the companies exhibiting on the Plaisance.

For our 40+ years of researching Columbiana the one frustrating thing universal to our research is finding anything about the actual production of medals, souvenirs, publications. Perhaps some day someone will find the records from Chicago for such things. In the meantime, rarity is what counts and this publication is just that--the only one we've ever seen bound in this manner. It's lovely and worthy of a good home in a quality collection.