K1285 Informational Sheet About the Cliff Dwellers


This is a very scarce single sheet describing the cliff dwellers exhibit at the Exposition. This is one of a substantial number of rare flyers, brochures and individual sheets describing exhibits at the exposition. These include such exhibits as many on the Midway (Cairo Street, Libbey Glass) and others scattered around the grounds. Simply, most ended up folded in someone's pocket or tossed aside on the fairgrounds. We have worked dilligently for years to locate such literature (which was beneficial in researching our most recent book on the fair) and as you would expect, John Kennel accumulated a large number of such publications. Since this is just a single sheet on pulpy paper, that any survived is a surprise. As you can see, typical of these sheets, they provide excellent information on the exhibits.Postage is high as we will need to ship in an oversize envelope.