WCE 1893-Huge Nearly 80mm Diameter! Geometric Modern Columbus Medal #990

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WCE 1893-Huge Nearly 80mm Diameter! Geometric Modern Columbus Medal #990

We seldom handle modern medals or recent coins but we purchased this amazing medal and a few others from a dealer in Europe. This non-symmetrical round medal is very unusual and as such, to me at least, really quite impressive. The triangular pieces jutting out from the round portion of the medal clearly represent Columbus’ three ships sailing across the globe.
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I was quite enamored of the terrific piece of numismatic art when I saw it. The waves, sails and portions of North and South America, obviously centered on Columbus’ Caribbean complement the upper portion of the medal. The reverse makes creative use of the back of the sails incorporating the compasses. Without delving into Columbus’ personal history before his voyages I assume the center is citing the explorer’s time in Portugal from 1476 and 1485.

That we’re discussing a voyage now of almost 530 years ago one has to wonder in, say, 2469 what the world will think of landing on the moon 500 years before. Perhaps there’ll just be a nice plaque or statue there at the site of the space port used daily as a jumping off spot for future explorers.

This piece is truly a bit of modern art but it is priced very, very inexpensively--as we know most Columbian collectors are not automatically interested in modern medals celebrating Columbus' voyages. It's one of the few modern medals we have purchased and offered and couldn't quite resist when we discovered it.