WCE 1893-Large Figural Columbian Clock (Hand Winds & Works)

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WCE 1893-Large Figural Columbian Clock (Hand Winds & Works)

This monster is more than a foot tall and 9 inches in diameter. Unlike the very heavy bank offered in this sale, it is heavy but hollow in the back. The entire “structure” is less than an inch thick and was cast in this fashion to stand well on a table or shelf displaying its clock.

I think the photograph tells the story. This is one of many large figural pieces from the John Kennel Columbian collection we have sold or are selling in this sale. The scope of John's Columbian collection was quite remarkable--every aspect of it contained rare and one-of-a-kind items whether we are talking about 3D large cast items or glassware, documents or tickets, medals or tokens.

For those not familiar, The History Bank began selling the collection a little over two years ago and we're on the home stretch now, with more than 5,000 items in new homes. You will see many exciting Kennel collection pieces throughout this sale.

As with all our previous sales and those in this special sale, our goal is to offer every item--whether $5,000 or $5 (the Kennel collection had both!)--well below the estimated retail market and also below the wholesale price. We have been able to do an excellent job for the Kennel family and also continuing our continuing effort provide our customers the best possible prices for their purchases.

Please do take some time to review the 300+ items in this sale. Several of the lots contain multiple items--perhaps two or even six medals and lots with both four and six pieces of fractional currency. So do look closely at the descritions as a quick glance might look like a medal pictured is $60....when in reality that is one of four medals and the entire lot is selling for $60.

As with all our large flat or 3D very heavy items, we are estimating shhipping. If we are able to put an item such as this clock in a box for shipping it might very wel accommodate a half dozen medals or small items. If that is the ase we will adjust the total shipping cost and rebate what overage ou might have paid.