US Coins-Spectacular 1899 Gem BU Indian Cent, 100% Full Red (Orange) Color

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US Coins-Spectacular 1899 Gem BU Indian Cent, 100% Full Red (Orange) Color

I always try to describe the color of a coin where I do not feel you get an accurate picture from the photos. No one wants to receive a coin that looks dramatically different to the eye than how it appears in a photo.

In this case I must apologize for the weak photos: This coin is dramatically 100% bright orange, a color I’ve only seen occasionally on a proof. It is a Gem BU, in virtually perfect mint condition but the color is astonishing. I never want to get ridiculously effusive over anything I sell, but this Indian cent –even though it does look very nice in the photos—is quite remarkable and much, much richer and nicer than you see here.

I simply could not get a photo that showed the color and appearance accurately. We have this coin listed for sale in our inventory list for $165, which I view as a bargain. We always try to price every coin or collectible at wholesale prices, not retail. That is awfully difficult in many cases. I believe many dealers would have this coin slabbed in hoping for at least an MS66+. As noted, color on a slab is only noted as Red, Red/Brown or Brown—no category for bright tangerine orange.

As with any coins we sell, if you feel it is not described accurately you may return it for a full refund. I don’t think anyone could take issue with this coin other than to agree that the photos hardly show its true color!