US Coins-Look Closely at this 1888CC Morgan Dollar--a Year Never Minted! #1341

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US Coins-Look Closely at this 1888CC Morgan Dollar--a Year Never Minted! #1341

We are offering this only as a study piece; we must state clearly due to legal aspects that we are NOT attempting to sell a forgery to deceive a buyer. That should be obvious, but we had to state it.

This is a decent looking counterfeit, but on close examination you can see flaws and typical issues found in silver plating. I have absolutely no recollection of this coin, where I might have gotten it or when. But recently, while doing an inventory of silver dollars that have been in a cabinet for many years I found this in a roll of Morgan dollars.

I would certainly recall purchasing a CC dollar and/or intentionally purchasing a counterfeit for whatever reason. I can only guess that years ago when purchasing the roll of circulated silver dollars that this one came along for the ride unbeknownst to me. I decided since Ebay has so many rules and regulations and might call the feds if I tried to list it as a “study or reference” coin, it was best to offer it here!

It's a nice and unusual piece and a curiosity you may like in your collection. One key question looms--If you were going to counterfeit a CC dollar with the intent of defrauding someone, shouldn't you create a coin for a year that exists!?!?!

If you find the coin of interest (it certainly is rare and likely one of a kind) and would like a CC dollar probably courtesy of someone in China producing foreign counterfeits, here is that rare opportunity. I would say that it is good enough to sneak through as one of 20 circulated dollars that were given no more than a cursory glance, but hardly of the quality that would somehow not be caught by any collector with just a few seconds and a loupe.