Sold out

I get as excited as when I was buying for my own Columbian collection rather than selling when I discover the unusual. Shepp's of course sold a variety of publiclations at the fair and this unique piece is a promotional flyer looking for agents to sell Shepp's publications! The flyer has been folded for almost 130 years and the folds are very fragile. PLEASE NOTE: ONE CREASE is almost split in half. If it were my own I'd put a very light piece of tape at the crease, just enough so that if it is jostled it won't tear further. The flyer is well over a foot long so it needs to be folded if it's kept in a binder. You're awfully limited in how to display an overly long piece of paper and in a binder you can't show the entire piece. Brittle or long folded light weight paper pieces can so easily be split or ripped if they're take out of their sleeve often. Just exhibit care.

It is one of the very few items of any kind from the WCE where it is NOT intended as a promotional piece to the public, but rather strictly as a specialized sales document. The only other paper item from the fair that I put in the same category are the sample books with order forms inside for a salesperson to log advance orders. These are typicall half thickness and usually have two different covers, one in leather and one in cloth to show prospective customers.

If you're a serious Columbian paper collector it may be your only opportunity ever to purchase this piece.

I am assuming that this will be shipped alone and flat between VERY heavy cardboard so the most annoying USPS worker won't be able to bend it! If you happen to acquire other paper items or something I can package with this I will send you an appropriate shipping refund.