Columbian Expo Limited Edition (Publisher's Proof) Custom Photographic Print #ON944

Columbian Expo Limited Edition (Publisher's Proof) Custom Photographic Print #ON944

This 8x10 limited edition custom lithograph was produced as part of the limited edition book ($150 price for each of just 150 copies) of our history of the World's Columbian Exposition commission in 1993 by The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

I wish we had a copy of the book to offer customers, but the Trust sold all 150 copies to members in advance of the printing. The book was leather bound and this photo was hand numbered to match the number of the book; also ,the book was enclosed in a hard slipcase which was die cut and had an original Columbian Half dollar inset.

The prints were lithographed from an original 1893 photograph from the fair. The photo is an example of the manner in which each print was numbered. We have three proofs, unnumbered, but noted as "publisher's proofs" that were never made available for sale in 1993.

The proofs are identical to the print shown and we are selling each individually here having unearthed them in the original files from the production of the limited edition book.

The hardcover edition has been out of print since 2002 but we also have copies available for sale here in the "bookstore" listed as an item, which has a drop down menu for ordering specific books. That is a bit cumbersome but was the only manner in which we could list dozens of books within a single location in this store.

We plan to begin photographing and listing individual books separately to make ordering easy. If you have questions or wish to purchase the hardcover edition, the softcover (which has been in print from the University of Illinois Press since 2002) or our history of the Midway Plaisance (published in 2017, also by the UI Press) you can simply contact us to put together a special order which we will send you POSTPAID with each copy autogarphed.