Choice to Gem BU HK341 San Francisco Brass & Beautiful, Rarity 6 #13512L110

Choice to Gem BU HK341 San Francisco Brass & Beautiful, Rarity 6 #13512L110

This brass that looks a lot like gilt is a pretty rare SCD, listed as an R6. Remember, "guides" are only that—guides to approximate values, rarities and so on.

I generally will share the HK price guide (2008) which is nearly always a wide ranging "value" because despite its shortcomings, it's the only game in town. There are no other general or specific price guides.

The HK guide obviously provides a broad range of "values" because virtually every So-Called Dollar can be found in widely varying prices. The ranges can be as big a problem as a help. You might find this SCD listed somewhere as AU or uncirculated or Gem BU. We've all learned too often that grading is not only subjective, but with too many dealers a work of fiction.

This is a really bright, gilt-looking BU medal and in my experience, better than about 99% of the HK341's you'll find in the marketplace. The HK guide for "uncirculated" specimens lists a range of $75 to $300 which probably causes more problems than solutions.

I would think that an uncirculated R6 (I suppose that is realistic as a ballpark rarity designation) here could be in the marketplace anywhere from $150 to $250 depending on the quality of the piece. Any uncirculated specimen is going to be at least $150 and likely higher. The range is more a factor of how much the buyer wants it and how much the seller has into it. That explanation could be applied to almost any such transaction.

I feel that THIS piece should fetch at least $200 in today's marketplace. As you know, finding rarer SCD's in BU gets tougher every day. The common pieces are easy to find which is as you would expect it to be.

You can judge the condition from the photos and please note that black square near the bottom of the reverse is a reflection of my camera lens, not any issue with the coin. In fact, it just underscores how nicely reflective it is.