1962 C21-Pair of Scarce Seattle Century 21 Pins, Construction Worker & Logo Pin

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1962 C21-Pair of Scarce Seattle Century 21 Pins, Construction Worker & Logo Pin

This very scarce larger pin served as identification and as an entrance “ticket” to the construction work site. Rather than the worker passes found in many earlier fairs, this allowed day or long-term construction workers easy access to the site. There wasn’t the concerns of today that some political activist for some obscure cause might try to blow up the Space Needle while it was under construction...

I would categorize this pin as “scarce,” despite others calling it rare; the word is tossed about so casually by sellers today. In fact, living in Seattle, being awfully well entrenched with everything C21 for more than 40 years, I probably have owned and sold no more than 6 or 7 of these pins. That’s pretty darned scarce.
This one is virtually perfect and spotless. Along with it is one of the scarcer pins from the fair. The pin is smaller than a quarter and features just the well-known deep blue fair logo. They’re by no means common but they do show up more often than the construction pin, but a small fraction as often as the several most common souvenir pins.

These pins were placed in gumball machines around the area before and during the fair. This is one of those details you probably would never find in any archival material from the fair. But I was a very intense 10-year-old excited about the fair before it opened and during its six months. I can vouch for the fact that this pin was indeed in the gum machines in those clear plastic “eggs” where you could see exciting trinkets and toys. I WANTED that pin and it took me at least 6 or 8 coins until I finally got one!