Scarce Columbian Ticket & Rare Die-Cut Brochure for Electric Launches #S232

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Scarce Columbian Ticket & Rare Die-Cut Brochure for Electric Launches #S232

This is a great opportunity to acquire two scarce and highly desirable items from the same concession at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

The Electric Launch & Navigation Company was one of the busiest concessions outside the Midway Plaisance at the Columbian Exposition. The tickets exist in six series each in a different color but no one has ascertained the reason for the multiple series. It may have been merely a matter of bookkeeping for the company, perhaps so they could track business that took place in each month of the fair.

Tickets sell for anywhere form $100 to $200 each and as with most any early American ephemera asking prices vary dramatically, but are more clustered with similar prices when they actually sell. In a given year you probably will see 2 or 3 for sale on Ebay and probably averaging around $150. Frankly, the most I've ever seen on sale in a single year was 2019--when I was selling tickets from the John Kennel Columbian Collection. His incredible collection had a few single tickets and also a complete group of the six diffferent color tickets. I do not believe I've ever seen a year with anywhere close to 10 EL&NCo tickets for sale.

I have seen this sdie cut brochure three times This one for sale from John's collection, one that I purchased and sold in 2021 and a third that I saw many years ago.

Obviously the number of brochures in existence is very small. I would say that the brochure should command a higher price than the ticket, but the two I mentioned sold for an average of less than $100, which is what the market said was correct. But with only two such sales, it would hardly be unusual to see another selling for $150 or even twice that. Supply and Demand dictate.

I think that a wholesale price level for the two pieces together should be $175-$200. I am selling this Kennel pair for what amounts to $100 for the ticket and just $45 for the brochure--what I consider a bargain at $145, which is less than I would normally ask from another dealer.

FYI, examing every page the only flaw I find is a a small crease/tear that is on each page--lower right on lefthand pages and lower left on righthand pages. I photographed an inside spread of two pages both to show you the design and the small issue I just noted. Without this flaw I might ask about $10-15 more for the brochure--or $155-$160 for this lot.

Both pieces are from the John Kennel Columbian Collection. Since beginning our project to catalog and sell John's collectionI have sold about 6,000 total items. Besides a small number of Kennel pieces on sale here and on Ebay, we have two boxes of items remaining two fabric pieces, a dozen glasses and about 20 mixed glass items, plus a few miscellaneous odd size/shaped items as well. We also have a nice assortment of original 1892-94 wce books from John's library.