WCE 1893-VERY Special Group of 3 Lowney Chocolate Co. Items-Brochure, Box & Spoon

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WCE 1893-VERY Special Group of 3 Lowney Chocolate Co. Items-Brochure,  Box & Spoon

Chocolates were a big thing during the fair with several candy makers having elaborate buildings to display and sell their products. Lowney was one of the largest and it never ceases to amaze what items were kept by fairgoers and are available today—an original fancy cardboard box for chocolates with the Lowney Building embossed on the top, a candy serving spoon and a brochure about the company. All 3 in this one lot for one price.

I was thrilled when I found a Lowney box years ago with the embossed gold image of the elaborate Romanesque gazeebo-like builting at the WCE on the top. What I have found very interesting is that I have owned and sold 3 others over many decades; this is the 4th. That folks would save the box is very odd, I'd think; and finding 4 in 40+ years isn't exactly common. I don't now how other chocolate exhibitors at the WCE packaged their wares but I have never found boxes for those firms.

This is a pretty terrific and unusual, as well as very scarce, grouping of all THREE Lowney items. I can say that were I not selling, I'd be excited to have this group on a shelf on display. I do consider the price for the three pieces as quite modest.

Shipping is necessarily more than typical as we will fill the box with padding and wrap it very heavily and add the spoon and brochure in a large enough box to be filled with popcorn on all sides. The good news? You could easily put a half dozen medals or small items in the same box for NO postage.

I wish I could utilize more than 5 photos in our store, but this is a limitation with the App. But I think you can get a good sense of all 3 items in just 5 images.