WCE 1893-Columbian Storecard for Bohsemeem Spices Robust Landing Scene #1042

WCE 1893-Columbian Storecard for Bohsemeem  Spices Robust Landing Scene #1042

This is another gem BU medal from the Columbian Expo. It features the storecard from the Philadelphia firm of Weikel & Smith Spices and the reverse is strongly struck; a bit of metal can be seen at the very edges where the rim was not crisply cut on the die. Such spots may look unnerving to the uninitiated but actually are the opposite; the medal retains this because it is NOT worn

I should point out that I recall many years ago "discovering" this medal, unlisted and seemingly rare; later it began to show up and I reclassified it as "scarce" in my mind. I don't believe it is terribly scarce as I see it 2-3 times a year for sale. But it is not common.

The reverse is the same detailed landing scene as on other WCE Medals we have discussed perhaps too often, as I am always interested in the exact landing scene on two medals and then one just slightly different on another. That aside, this
as nice as one can find. There is NOT so much as a hint of wear on any of the myriad details of the reverse. The landing scene is prooflike! The obverse, because of its simplicity in design, doesn't stop you in wonder--but the surfaces are bright and lustrous and the primarily type obverse is quite crisp and BU+.

For those, like me, who tend to get a tad overly interested in the minutiae of medals, you may wonder about that floating sideways zero in the circle on the center of the obverse. I'm afraid that I have absolutely no idea.

I do know that scarcity and grade would make this more exensive than I am asking but I frankly don't believe it is as "valuable" or "worth it" to most collectors to pay $75-85. I want to SELL not have customers say, "well it IS nice but that's just more than I want to spend." So you don't have to.....