US Coins-1891 BU Indian Cent with Lots of Red & Even More Bluish Tone

US Coins-1891 BU Indian Cent with Lots of Red & Even More Bluish Tone

This is an example of where I disagree strongly in how Third Party graders identify coins as simply “Red…Red/Brown…and Brown.” Most have a scale they employ such that to be called “Red/Brown” it must have something like 75% red, while a “Red” coin must be 90% red. If a coin is less than half Red it is called Brown. These figures vary but in my opinion they do not give an accurate picture of most coins. A pure Red cent is an easy one, just as a pure brown coin is.

Please note the unusually well defined feathers and the tips, which in 1/3 to 1/2 of the BU Indians do not. Lots of very expensive high grade Indians show only smooth surfaces where on this coin you see that transition from the blue to completley crisp feather tips.
But I raise this point here because this coin, which I find very attractive, to my eye is about 25% red and 75% blue. Colorful blue toning, however, according to most third party graders isn’t Red….therefore it is Brown since they only recognize two colors for copper coins. Thus this coin might very likely be called Brown since it only has about 25% Red. Go figure.

I see a gem uncirculated coin that is “Red and Blue”—colorfully toned—and you just have to decide how you view it and more important, what type of Indian and Lincoln cent color you prefer.