RARE 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo Day Pass for Concession Employee

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RARE 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo Day Pass for Concession Employee

This pass is virtually unique, an example of a pass that was used for admission on a daily basis for a concession employee. Essentially, this was a temporary pass for a new employee who had yet to receive his/her season pass/ticketbook for daily admissions.

Those who collect items from this small fair or world's fairs in general are aware that most every expo issued a surprisingly large number of different passes--for workers, employees, special guests, media and from there, another group of often obscure examples. Our most extensive group of fair passes has been, of course, from the World's Columbian Expo. Our forthcoming book COLUMBIAN RARITIES will illustrate and discuss the seldom seen examples--a pass to remove post-fair items, to install pre-fair items, for a wagon, for a variety of pre-fair purposes and then those during the fair--for specific buildings, for specific days and so on.

We will have a large group of ticket and passes from 1905 Portland in our September 1 sale here. Portland items are quite scarce and we have assembled an entire collection of seldom (if ever!) seen tickets and passes.

This is one of that group and provides our customers with a nice headstart on the sale. We are posting a handful of special sale items before the actual sale, from July 20-August 31.