PPIE 1915-Excellent Header, Ribbon & Large “Admit One” Button for Closing Day

PPIE 1915-Excellent Header, Ribbon & Large “Admit One” Button for Closing Day

The ribbon has some staining but overall this is a scarce and highly collecible final day of the fair ribbon, clever hanger bar and of course the celluloid button/pin.

The Panama Pacific Expo came up with a very interesting concept, rolling admission into a great souvenir and display of support for the fair, both at the beginning and end. I’m sorry to say I don’t know precisely how the plans were orchestrated.

This is the last day “I was there” type pin that has the interesting end of the trail goodbye ono the header bar, the closing day ribbon and then a virtually mint condition celluloid button which also was a “ticket” for admission on December 4, 1915, when the fair in fact did say good bye. The opening day package was similar and there was also a participant header/ribbon. I am not sure how one acquired these—if perhaps they were simply handed out to everyone attending either opening or closing days or if an attendee might have had to pay perhaps an extra 50 cents above the normal admission to obtain entrance and the souvenir ribbon and badge.

It’s difficult to find these in decent condition; generally the ribbon is missing, torn or split. It’s quite unusual to see the header with the original insert in great shape and likewise the ribbon intact. This one has obvious fading but is still all present!