NYWF—This is One of the Rarest Expo Elongateds We’ve Ever Found #1363

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NYWF—This is One of the Rarest Expo Elongateds We’ve Ever Found #1363

And while it would be quite rare and certainly unique, I'm sure, I don't think one would probably not pay a lot for it. So, the price is modest, but....

This innocent looking World’s Fair Trylon and Perisphere elongated cent has a very interesting host coin. Please examine the photos of the reverse side. It’s always a treat (at least for me!) when a souvenir elongated has a readable reverse showing the host coin. It happened semi-frequently in earlier fairs because the machines making the elongateds didn’t produce nearly the force as in modern machines. Consequently, if you pick up one of the myriad varieties at a fair, museum or amusement park today, you’re going to find a shiny blank reverse.

But this penny offers a lot of intrigue. It is tough to be certain about the date and mint mark. When a coin is elongated it does funny things to the metal and to our perspective. A stretched out mint mark can look extra large, misplaced or just tantalizing as in this case. I could not swear unequivocally that this is a 1909-S Lincoln cent but it sure looks like it to me.

I studied it for a very long time with and with/without a loupe and while I got a much better look than you see in the photos, I just can’t be positive. But to the naked eye, the magnified image and the tilted left, right, up and down view it sure looks like a 1909 date and also an “S” mintmark. Of course, the more one looks the more one seems to see what you believe is there, real or imagined.

Take a look, see what you think and then determine how much value it has to you.