NY CRYSTAL PALACE- Important Medal/Storecard for a Popular Showman #1109

NY CRYSTAL PALACE- Important  Medal/Storecard for a Popular Showman #1109

Mr. H.B. West’s “famous trained dogs” Tray and Troy were a popular circus-type act at New York’s Crystal Palace. It is very difficult to find ANY souvenirs or medals/tokens from the fair. If you are a serious collector of the 1853 world’s fair you must have an example of this scarce medal. Higher grades can be found if you are patient—and prepared to pay several hundred dollars.

Most West medals that find their way to the marketplace are substantially more worn than this one. Some quite poor examples show up on Ebay perhaps 2 or 3 times every year or so and generally fetch anywhere from $50 to $75; I have seen a very small number of high grade (AU at least) examples over the years, at least as often in major auctions as on Ebay, where buyers’ fees hit your pocket book painfully. I would consider $300 a fair price for such a piece and while this example shows its age it is probably better than 90% of those in the marketplace. With all such medals, it is important to understand the scarcity and past prices when shopping as sellers tend to ask generally quite high prices for this piece.

This example would likely sell for $125-$150 when you get lucky enough to find one; as with all our items, the goal is to sell all our world’s fair material at wholesale or a bit lower if possible.