Maxfield Parrish: Rare Original Autograph & Collier's Magazine with His Artwork #S405

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Maxfield Parrish: Rare Original Autograph & Collier's Magazine with His Artwork #S405

Maxfield Parrish was "discovered" by baby boomers in the 1970s. The prolific pre- World War I illustrator was well known to our parents' and grandparents' generations, as numerous companies and top magazines used his art for decades.

In the very early 1970s you could find framed prints that had been promotional giveaways a half century earlier for almost nothing in second-hand and antique stores. I recall quite clearly purchasing beautiful prints for $25 and seeminly in a blink of any eye there was a zero added to the cost. Art depends on personal taste, but apparently I wasn't alone in my affinity for his unqiue style.

Included in this lot is an issue of Collier's magazine, which used his artwork to illustrate various monthly columns and special features.

Besides the highly collectible Collier's this lot includes an example (original!) of Parrish's famous signature. This came from a collector who had it framed, so it is in a simple mat that the buyer could easily replace to his or her own tastes.

The signature is large and quite beautiful. Like Parrish's artwork, his autograph has become quite expensive and difficult to acquire. The only previous example we have offered was a letter from Parrish, which we sold more than ten years ago.

If you survey the marketplace (something we suggest customers do before buying any collectible!) you will find Parrish signatures all across the board, anywhere from $100 to $1,500. Generally the least expensive signatures are on checks where Parrish used a more conservative "business" signature; his artistic, flamboyant signature (as we are offering) is more scarce and desirable.

We are offering the signature (which the previous owner acquired from Early American History Auctions) with that seller's letter of authenticity and the Collier's magazine for a single price of $115.

Shipping is $12 and we can combine shipping with other flat documents and thus can probably charge nothing for the other items, but it would be difficult to save postage charges unless other items you purchase are of like shape/size.