1901 Pan Am Expo Amazing Collection—Unique Invitation to Buffalo's Ellicott Club #S145

1901 Pan Am Expo Amazing Collection—Unique Invitation to Buffalo's Ellicott Club #S145

This incredible collection from the Buffalo World's Fair of 1901, The Pan Am Exposition, contains literally dozens of unique pieces. I actually introduced the collection last month and promptly sold 5 unique documents. I also listed the Silver award medal, quite rare (not one-of-a-kind, as in my research I found ten sales over the last 10-15 years...so I'd say rather scarce). It is quite a gem. You can scroll down in my store to see that listing and as of May 2 it is still for sale. I've had a few serious inquiries and the only thing holding back at least two potential buyers is the price tag. The $3145 price here is in the middle of the sales I've charted, neither the least expensive or the most. Unfortunately finding sales from 15 years years ago generally only provides the sale price and not photos or details, so one doesn't know if one was perfect or just the opposite. I will consider reasonable offers for the medal but won't respond to silly/ridiculous ones. If you have a strong interest by all means contact me.

I can say that I'd be shocked if you could find this document or the other invitations and documents in this collection. I certainly have never seen any of them and my experience is that a personal invitation to an event from any fair is often the only one in existence. Manyof these came from Mr. Stone's album and my prelilminary research has not provided details of his life and involvement with the fair. I'm still looking and have at least found what might be either the correct Mr. Stone or his son.

If you happen to have information on him by all means please let me know.

I will be listing items from the collection over the coming weeks, both here and also in auctions on Ebay. FYI, I try never to list the same piece simultaneously on both sites as it can cause all sorts of confusion. Please do take a look at my listings on Ebay, also.