GGIE 1939 San Francisco-Extremely Rare Award Medal & Ribbon

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GGIE 1939 San Francisco-Extremely Rare Award Medal & Ribbon

This oversize medal/badge atop the foot-long ribbon may not be from the most exciting event, but it is the only award medal and ribbon we have seen from the GGIE. The medal atop looks much like GGIE souvenir medals but it is very large and does not have a pinback but rather a clip-like feature so that a winner could attach it to a jacket/shirt pocket

It is indeed rare to find an actual award medal and ribbon from any world's fair. We find the St. Gaudens award medals frequently from the WCE but nothing like this medal and ribbon for a competition at a fair. This piece is in superb condition, the only issue being that the ribbon itself (otherwise mint with no damage). Was not stored carefully and flat so it comes with some creaes. It should be easy to remove them with careful ironing and even just stretching it its full length and matting it for framing would keep the ribbon safe and flat (we tried this without actually securing it and it seemed to work surprisingly well.

We could not get a vertical picture without photographing it so it would appear very small, so you can see the entire award diagonally! Shouldn't tax the viewer too much and I believe you can see the quality. It is in excellent condition as noted, with only the wrinkles a distraction. We have included closeups of the medal and the ribbon.

I would think a world's fair generalist as well as a GGIE collector would both find this highly desirable. The following participant's medal from the GGIE would make an unparalleled pair from this fair.

We will make every effort to pack creatively if you should win this ribbon and other items. I would treat this as a piece of flat art so it would be packaged in a very flat and perhaps 18-inch long box. If it could be sent in this way and still with other items, there would be no additional charge for the multiple pieces.