Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-50 Cents #1033

Eastman College-Rare Single Fractional Note-50  Cents #1033

As with all of the Eastman fractional note listings, we are showing as much as possible; in this listing you will receive ONE 50-cent note of the same style as all of the fractional notes in this sale, as shown on the top two images. One is for sale here and the other is included in the rare 6-note lot that includes all six denominations of fractionals issued by Eastman from the 1850s, during the Civil War up through the 1880s. The one-side white fifty cent note at the bottom of this photo is one of four different denominations of this style being offered in a specially priced single lot as part of this sale. We have priced all of our single notes, regardless of denomination, at well below retail, just $39.50 per note!