Eastman College Very Rare Diploma....and some notes about The HIstory Bank/Diploma is #S500

Eastman College Very Rare Diploma....and some notes about The HIstory Bank/Diploma is #S500

We have acquired a very large and rare archive of Eastman Business College (yes, as in Eastman Kodak) including this diploma which measures a whopping 18x24 inches. It is just one of the scarce-to-rare group of about 50 items from the school that was founded before the Civil War, and all of our items range from about 1860 to the early 1880s.

You will find these items throughout the store--included is a very rare complete set of fractional currency (1, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cent notes), $1-$10 notes, business check, other documents, text books and much more. As I update this text to begin 2022 I'd estimate that I've sold about 60-65% of the Eastman material. Besides our prices being better than most, we have/had virtually the scarcest Eastman items you'll find anywhere. I think the collection included one common piece, a postcard with a photo of the school. It's a nice piece to have for display with other items.

It seems to me, having really paid attention to Eastman College material for only a few years, that just about all you can find (especially on Ebay) are fractional notes. I suspect that paper money/fractional currency collectors probably represent the vast majority of those interested in Eastman material. But I've been very pleased that many of my longtime collectors (of Columbiana, coins, etc.) have also purchased a variety of the Eastman material. I always try to make my purchases thinking about my customers and what they like or what I think might intrigue them.

Please do take a few moments even if this isn't your primary interest in the very diverse group of things we sell, including the remaining Eatman items on this site.

It may seem a contradiction, but I ALWAYS try to acquire items that I can sell at prices better than other sellers and I'm always stressing quality and rarity. I do, however, sell quite a few not rare pieces and at prices well below wholesale. This store should give new folks a good sense of the range of material The History Bank sells.

The most important note--please ask if you have questions. I'm always more than willing to take the time to help.

And if you want to have a collection appraised or sold, again, ask me about how I can help.

Happy 2022.