Eastman Business ColLege-Rare Civil War Token Storecard #S206

Eastman Business ColLege-Rare Civil War Token Storecard  #S206

This token is listed as a Civil War storecard and is exceptionally rare. We were fortunate to find it as part of the amazing archive from the school that we are selling. Please do look at the preceding diploma from Eastman if you haven't already and definitely go through this sale to find a variety of rare documents, textbooks, founder Eastman's autograph, and the real gold mine--private fractional and other currency. Eastman issued its private currency for use in the unique College and we have an unprecedented collection of all six examples of the fractional currency--1, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, plus many duplicates available singly. And, when Eastman sswitched from the currency that was printed and designed to look like actual US currency in later years, it had no printing on the back and was printed on a very think parchment like paper. We have a lot consisting of four such notes, as well.