C21-Complete Gorgeous Bronze Set (9 Medals) in Whitman Folder of Issue #1300

C21-Complete Gorgeous Bronze Set (9 Medals) in Whitman Folder of Issue #1300

Prices have been getting a tad crazy for these 1962 Seattle silver and bronze sets, which I try to keep at $199 and $299, respectively, when I can find them. But Ebay sellers are asking anywhere from $400-$1,000+ for silver sets and at least $299 for bronze sets. I don’t believe many are selling at these prices, but it seems no matter how outlandish prices for any collectible might be, there is always some poor person who ends up buying it.

In the last two years I've sold more than I typically see for sale in a year or two. I believe the count was 5 bronze and 2 silver. But I doubt I'll be selling another silver set for a long, long time. I simply do not believe they are "worth" 2, 3, 4 times the bronze....and I don't believe the bronze sets are worth $300 or $400, either. That makes it pretty difficult to purchase them.

That I sold 7 total sets at my price noted above was because I was able to purchase 5 total sets at once. I also sell a great number of official bass or bronze individual medals and very few silver ones. It is interesting that at the fair in 1962 the silver sets were four times the cost of the bronze and silver sets probably had about $9 in melt value then--and the sets were about $120!

Ebay isn't the end-all to values but it is the largest marketplace on the planet, so it bears watching prices. The quite rare large official medals with about 5 ounces of silver almost never show up. Around 1990 I was able to purchase five of those medals and sold them for around $100 each in the next few years; I've never seen any since! Recently a seller listed an example for $395 each, a tad more than I'd care to purchase or sell them for. He has "several" and has sold "several" for a negotiated price. I have no idea if that means $375....or $250....or? Like the sets, if there are buyers willing.....I could certainly ask $275 for this bronze set and be less expensive than any seller out there. But I am sure it would take quite a while to sell--and not be a bargain by any means. So....here is one of the very pretty sets in the original hardcover blue Whitman folder as sold in 1962--at maybe a 1990s price.

The package is shown pretty well in the accompanying photos--the cover of the set, the opening page with a single official low-relief medal, the nin high-relief medals and then a close-up of the monorail medal and the common reverse wth the fair logo.

It is indeed a very pretty set and an excellent price.