Gem BU Bronze Set (9 Medals) Original Whitman Folder #ON923

On sale
Gem BU Bronze Set (9 Medals) Original Whitman Folder #ON923

Prices have been getting a tad crazy for these 1962 Seattle silver and bronze sets, which I try to keep at $199 and $299, respectively, when I can find them. But Ebay sellers are asking anywhere from $400-$1,000+ for silver sets and at least $299 for bronze sets. I don’t believe many are selling at these prices, but it seems no matter how outlandish prices for any collectible might be, there is always some poor person who ends up buying it.

In the last three years I've sold more than I have in the preceding decade: 5 bronze and 2 silver. I just happened to get lucky and buy most of these as one large lot.
But I doubt I'll be selling another silver set for a long, long time--since I have no interest in paying ridiculous prices for the set. I'd likely want to sell the set for half of what I paid! . I simply do not believe silver sets are "worth" 2, 3, 4 times the bronze.

This is the last set I have in inventory.