C21-Special Group, Cigarette Snuffer, Souvenir Pinback & Plate

C21-Special Group, Cigarette Snuffer, Souvenir Pinback & Plate

As many of you are aware, what I know best are the 1893 Columbian Expo (I am currently writing my 3rd book history about the fair) and my hometown Century 21 Exposition which I've never outgrown.

The Space Needle snuffer is a souvenir that shows its age. You won't find any cigarette snuffers on the souvenir aisles these days; remember in 1962 it was a time when every magazne was overflowing with cigarette ads and famous athletes proud to be smoking 'their' brand.

Plus, these little gems have a magnet on the bottom. Why? Because they were designed to sit on the dash of your car so you could easily snuff out your cigarette while driving. Of course, 60 years ago most cars had metal dashes--and a whole lot of other differences--unlike today's more luxurious models.

This lot also includes a small souvenir plate and a souvenir pinback, both of which are shown along with the snuffer.