Beautiful Proof PPIE 75th Anniversary .999 Silver/One Ounce #13362L128

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Beautiful Proof PPIE 75th Anniversary .999 Silver/One Ounce  #13362L128

The $50 gold slug has to be one of the finest US medals to have been minted and you better add another zero to whatever you thought those were selling for in 2022.

This is a PROOF GEM .999 SILVER one ounce of real beauty. I rarely sell bullion since it's quite easy for a seller to lose...or win....25% by the time you offer it for sale. Silver rounds are works of art now, as opposed to pretty plain years ago. You can buy an eagle or a maple leaf and if you collect world's fair and SCD medals, this 75th anniversary of the PPIE (1915-1990) is already more than 30 years old but it's still a really beautiful proof.

If you want absolutely nothing but the purest of investments in a chunk of .999 silver by all means look for the best buy relative to spot and ignore what it looks like. But if you like the artwork and don't mind paying more for a "medal" that is silver, this is a very nice one to add to a collection. In fact, the only 1-ounce silver rounds I own personally are those that I admire for their artistic quality—and that just happene to be related to world's fairs.

Had this not come in a collection I'm committed to selling, I might have kept it for myself.