Beautiful Autographed Picture from 1949 Signed by Jimmy Stewart & June Allyson Lot #87

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Beautiful Autographed Picture from 1949 Signed by Jimmy Stewart & June Allyson Lot #87

This is a still photograph from the 1949 movie "The Stratton Story," in which Jimmy Stewart played Monty Stratton, who pitched for several season in the 1930s for the Chicago White Sox. June Allyson co-starred as his wife, a role she played in three movies.

I might add that I love the film; as I've said many times, I always try to acquire items for resale I'd be quite happy to own. You'll never have to worry that I write puffery for items I don't care about!

Stratton, who was a major league all-star one year, accidentally shot himself in the leg while hunting that resulted in the amputation of his leg. The movie was a biography, no doubt with a few Hollywood embellishments, but the late pitcher said in 1949 that it was a very accurate portrayal of his life.

After the accident Stratton, with a prosthetic leg, returned to baseball to prove to himself and the world that he could still play ball. If you are a fan of Jimmy Stewart (and June Allyson) you'll love the movie. Stewart and Allyson both signed the photograph with bold signatures.

I might add (should anyone care) that one of my favorite pieces of art that I own is a portrait in pen and ink of Harvey the invisible rabbit, drawn and signed by Stewart. It's been on our wall for more than 30 years.

We always view autographs as something personal. Sure, you could acquire an Abraham Lincoln signature as an investment, but better you should have a special fondness for the signatures you acquire.

Over the years the most expensive signature The History Bank has sold was indeed one from Lincoln, but the rarest one belonged to Harry Wright, manager of the first professional baseball team in Cincinnati in 1869. His was part of a collection of baseball Hall of Famer autographs we sold 20+ years ago and most of the signatures came with a special bit of history about how/where the autograph was obtained.

We currently have three small groups of signatures from baseball Hall of Famers (not from that late 1990s collection) on this site now, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to discuss obtaining a signature from baseball great Hank Greenberg; the one for sale here is NOT the one he graciously signed when I interviewed him in 1980 for an article on bseball. He not only provided his signature but wrote a personal note to a very special baseball fan, my mother, who was in the midst of more than three months in the hospital for multiple surgeries.

While this is about terrific signatures of Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, you still could have a look at the three very inexpensive baseball lots on this site, too! Context always adds to the value of a signature and certainly to one's enjoyment of it. Having this still photograph from The Stratton Story and both Stewart and Allyson's signature together makes it so much better than "just" their signatures.