Baseball-Autographed Hall of Fame Card for the Great Hank Greenberg #ON936

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Baseball-Autographed Hall of Fame Card for the Great Hank Greenberg #ON936

I was very fortunate to have had the privilege of interviewing Greenberg—in 1980!—for a magazine article I was writing. The more years that go by, the more impressive is his list of accomplishments seem, not the least of which was nearly matching Babe Ruth’s record for home runs in a season. He was indeed a real gentleman and quite humble. His signature is very scarce and a barain if you can find it for as little as well over $100. We're offering this rare signed HOF card for only $85.

It has been several years since I sold my own collection of Hall of Famer autographs, but I still will purchase more common to very rare HOF signatures when I can. Naturally, I prefer to have a story behind autographs where possible, such as interviewing Greenberg when my mom was very ill in the hospital in the midst of 3 surgeries—and Hank sent her an autographed personal letter wishing her a speedy recovery.

Some of the HOF and early rare signatures I owned and sold included Harry Wright who managed the very first pro team, Cincinnati in 1869; Alexander Cartwright on a stock certificate for his new team in Hawaii; Ty Cobb on a 1961 Angels program from the last ball game he ever saw prior to his death; Babe Ruth and several other HOFers on a ball a fan had signed in a weekend pair of games featuring the Yankees and Giants; Satchel Paige who once played at Seattle's Sick's Stadium in the AAA Pacific Coast League; commissioner Happy Chandler who signed personally on a letter to me; KiKi Cuyler; Mel Ott; Mickey Mantle who signed for me in person--at a press conference for high school journalists and on and on.

I spent years/decades on that collection but have never stopped looking for unique signed documents, primarily on players prior to the 1970s.