AYP (Post-Fair)-Dedication Medal for Seattle’s Alaska Way Viaduct #983

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AYP (Post-Fair)-Dedication Medal for Seattle’s Alaska Way Viaduct #983

Perhaps you might appreciate this 1937 medal if you lived in Seattle. I don't think that the dedication of the Alaskan Way Viaduct probably made national news. In fact, if it did, it might be when it was recently demolished and replaced with a very long tunnel under the downtown waterfront business district. The tunneling was big news here as the giant boring machine gobbled up the earth very slowly. The viaduct wasn't particularly pretty but it was a two-level, multi-lane roadway I knew quite well my entire life.

This Alaska Pioneer medal is a very nice connection to Alaska Pioneers and the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, which among other things, gave us the 600+acre University of Washington campus, which I might add very subjectively, is one of the most beautiful in the country. With its long waterfront and setting with a view towrad Mount Rainier, it was quite impressive in 1909 for the fair and likewise when the nearly 50-year-old university (founded in 1861) moved form its downtown location to the large campus/ayp site.

The medal also served as a season ticket to the 1937 Seattle Civic Exposition, not exactly of world's fair magnitude, but a decent deal in its time.