AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #1 of 3

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AYP-One of Three Different Absolute GEM BU Medals from Seattle 1909 #1 of 3

We were very fortunate to find not one or even two but remarkably, THREE Gem BU medals from Seattle's 1909 AYP--A silver, bright copper and deep red copper. I am sure that living in the Seattle area has made my hunt for AYP material a little easier, but not all that much. In 2009 I worked with the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, a museum I visited often as a child, and the wonderful History Link organization that produced the centennial book about the fair. We even held an "antiques roadshow" at the museum to help local collectors.

These medals didn't come from that great experience in 2009 but rather this year when I found these medals that are in finer condition than any I have previously owned. What a treat to find such quality. We are selling them individually in there consecutive lots--as you obviously can see. All are exceptionally rare in their respective grades, while they are "only" scarce by the typical definition.

In my opinion this is clearly the best of the three, despite the fact that all are truly Gem BU medals. this copper is its pure natural color and simply, I've never owned an AYP medal with this unbelievably sharp strike and detail. While it is priced a bit higher than the other two, it is, again in my opinion and experience, a bargain as you are purchasing one of the absolute best known examples of this medal--ifnot THE best.