4 Copies of 19th Century Harper's Weekly, Including Sinking of the Gold Ship SS Central America #89

4 Copies of 19th Century Harper's Weekly, Including Sinking of the Gold Ship SS Central America #89

In our research for U.S. History books we have written, on such subjects as the U.S. Civil War, American West, World's Columbian Expo and other topics, period newspapers proved invaluable. First-hand accounts, primary source material, news of the day all provide information not available elsewhere.

Harper's was the premier illustrated publication of its day; a great example is one of this group of papers that has an early report on the 1857 sinking of the SS Central America. If you collect coins, you may be familiar with the ship that in recent years has been a major topic of numismatic news. The ship was discovered roughly 150 years after the sinking, and all reports indicated it was carrying a treasure in gold. The cargo turned out to be far more than anyone realized and the value of the coins found was in the millions of dollars, including a cache of BU gold pieces that had avoided the devastating effects of salt water.

This lot of 4 papers is just $8 per paper, a substantial savings over most historical paper/bookstores.

While we have not yet completed our inventory of papers, we should have about, 300 copies for sale, from the late 1700s through the early twentieth century. The span of time covered reflects the varied projects on which we have worked since the 1970s.

The rarest of our papers for sale is a Civil War dated Mississippi "wallpaper" newspaper. In the south, paper, like so many commodities, was in very short supply. Some papers managed to avoid shutting down by printing on any paper they could find, which included wallpaper.

Such copies are very rare and we're excited to be able to offer an original newspaper, news on one side, 1860s wallpaper on the other! Please contact us if you have interest.

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