1851 Crystal Palace Quite Scarce Small Bronze Medal, Queen Victoria; Dark but Nice AU #S226

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1851 Crystal Palace Quite Scarce Small Bronze Medal, Queen Victoria; Dark but Nice AU #S226

Very scarce small bronze about the size of a nickel, circulated in great condition. Should you be hunting for the scarce/rare 1851 Crystal Palace medals we have sold many but still have several available.

We probably purchased close to 20 Crystal Palace medals in 2021 and as we start 2022 I believe I have about half left in inventory. I did an exhaustive search to be able to offer medals from the first-ever world's fair. As a historian, I find it very intriguing even though my expertise for 40 years has been US world's fairs.

It is not easy to find 1851 material (I sold a wonderful porcelain lidded container and an original framed photo of the Crystal Palace in 2021), whether it is medals or other ephemera. Because my search for 1851 material resulted in my long-distance buying from French and UK dealers. I had done virtually no buying from Europe previously but it was a necessity to obtain Crystal Palace material; there are some issues in buying from Europe, not the least of which is the high cost of shipping.

But because of my efforts for Crystal Palace medals I was fortunate to find non-medal items (as noted above) and also many European Expo medals--Paris from 1855 all the way up to 1931, with 5 fairs in between, and English medals and tokens from not only 1851 but featuring the fair in 1862 in the new Crystal Palace.

These European medals are starting to sell more quickly as my customers begin to do just what I have been doing--looking to expand beyond historical US fairs. You will find a variety of this material here and also in my Ebay listings. I didn't exactly "discoer" the 1931 Paris expo but I learned a lot more about it and collectible material. Iespecially like the art and medals of that Deco Period. Please look through our listings here and on Ebay for 1931 material and I hope to have more medals purchased directly from France throughout 2022.