• Image of Sheet of Six Color Calling Cards

Sheet of Six Color Calling Cards


These souvenir calling cards were sold in sheets of six, but they seldom stayed together as a sheet. They were meant to be pulled gently apart; they are held to one another by small paper tabs so that a gentle tug separates them. This sheet has the top four connected and the bottom two have become detached. Like so many hundreds--thousands--of Expo souvenirs one can only speculate on how many (or few) were actually sold. But with nearly thirty million people on the grounds over six months myriad unusual souvenirs were sold. We have concession records but when a company generated $30,000 in sales, for example, we don't know how many different items at 25 cents might have been sold. It is rare to find complete full sheets of these souvenir calling cards or even all six together after 126 years.