• Image of K2943 an absolute gem storecard that could be of the MS67 caliber

K2943 an absolute gem storecard that could be of the MS67 caliber


I have always shied away from grading medals using numeric designations. Quality coin graders who have not seen enough medals to be good enough to know how pieces were struck in specific cases as they can with coins do the third-party grading and it lacks the precision as seen with coin grading. Hundreds of coin dealers and graders can tell you when a given US coin is always struck with say a "soft spot." But they don't know characteristics of medals.....I can tell you that this bust of Columbus is the one on the Mississippi Evangelical Association on which it's tough to find a choice BU piece. When I saw this my jaw dropped; I thought John Kennel had found the finest Mississippi example known. Nope. This is a storecard given away to promote "Columbian Suits." I wish I knew more about the company and especially about the striking of this medal. I have a tendency when I'm excited about the quality of the Kennel Collection to get off track. That I would love to find out information about die sinkers and the making of 1,000 Columbian medals is I suppose obvious. As a historian and writer, I do get my teeth into obscure subjects and admit to being a nerd about Columbiana and Kennel. Working with the Kennel Collection forced unbelievable quality and information on me, so I've begun more than one research project because of my work with Kennel. Keep an eye on my blog (worldscolumbianjournal.com) as I hope to begin sharing some of this work soon. Look at the edges of the obverse of this medal.. Nothing is rounded and even cuds from striking look like sharp mini-mountains between 6:00 and 8:00. Suffice it to say you wouldn't find a proof any better. And I apologize to those of you on our customer list who aren't coin collectors, so if my vernacular is out of place, forgive me. I love storecards which are universally more rare than general souvenir pieces. The reverse here is simple and equally as crisp. Good luck to the interested shoppers!