• Image of K2794 New York Committee of 100 Ladder Badge

K2794 New York Committee of 100 Ladder Badge


This is a rarity seldom if ever seen; we have never handled another one previously. This, like the Columbian Director's medal, was issued in only the quantity necessary to serve the committee. If 100 and a few samples were issued, perhaps one or two old collections have an example as we do in John Kennel's 40+ year collection. There is no engraving on the reverse. The top bar has the NY City seal and the dates, while the others name the committee. The medal is missing one integral loop which a jeweler could replace. Otherwise it is a bright copper color and one of the rarest pieces related to the fair. We do not feel that the missing loop warrants more than a deduction of $100 in the price, and the $725 reflects this. We will pay postage and insurance on this medal.