Very Rare Columbian Games Medal; Unique (?) Unengraved Award

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Very Rare Columbian Games Medal; Unique (?) Unengraved  Award

In our years of study and research for three Columbian histories, I have spent long hours trying in vain to find any reference to athletic games, Olympic-style or otherwise. I did find a hand-engraved second place award on a Barber quarter with what looked like bowling or juggling pins; information on gymnasts competing or participating in an exhibition and newspaper articles about races of all types of boats, including steam launches and African canoes, among others taking place in the fair lagoons. I had an example of this medal just once previously. John Kennel had this medal and another with a "Caledonia Society" header bar. I'd venture to say that no other collector could claim two such medals in his/her collection; few have even seen a single one. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyopne who owns an example of this medal, blank backed or with engraving. It will be very helpful in my forthcoming "Rarities" book. Like many attractions listed in Exposition guidebooks, it's quite possible that the "games" were planned and never took place for whatever reason.