• Image of Baby Ruth--The Candy bar & the President's Daughter.

Baby Ruth--The Candy bar & the President's Daughter.


President Cleveland's little girl was known as Baby Ruth and she was a household name at the time of the Columbian Expo; the Clevelands protected her privacy so photos of her were rare. Some 17 years after her premature death, the very popular Baby Ruth candy bar was selling a million bars a month. Ballplayer Babe Ruth sued saying the Curtiss Candy Company was playing off his name and fame naming its candy bar "Baby Ruth" not the little girl who died in 1904. The courts found in the Candy Company's favor and The Babe got no royalties. Before any of this became an issue this medal was issued with the Clevelands center stage as president, first lady and little Baby Ruth in 1893 at the Columbian Expo.

The reverse of the medal was a bit more traditional featuring the popular trio of American heroes--Washington, Lincoln and U.S. Grant. This is a medal that always is in demand and not one that turns up often, just adding to Baby Ruth's mystique. The medal is a nice uncirculated condition, but not a gem.